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L. Rhodes

Through The Earth's Core The one analogy you need to understand #GamerGate
Let's go on a journey to the center of the issue.
All sizes | Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch | Flickr - Photo Sharing! The search for the next big tech breakthrough
Gradually a kind of geometry emerges from the motions of the herds we form.
oculus-rift.jpg (1440×720) Virtual reality is poised to be a technological triumph—and a commercial flop
Virtual reality is overcoming the technological hurdles to make it to the market. But can it meet audience expectations?
Vkontaktekremlin.jpg (1440×720) Why you should be concerned about Russia's Facebook
When it comes to our digital identities, instability is the rule rather than the exception.
1024px-Google_Glass_detail.jpg (1024×768) The trouble with marketing niche products to average consumers
Products designed to make technology more accessible are becoming socially disruptive in their own right.
skittlesbag.jpg (1440×720) Candy Crush is everything that is wrong with trademark law
Fixing trademark law could prevent legal battles like the Banner Saga saga from happening in the first place.