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imgur: the simple image sharer The Leaderboard: All the news from the week that was in esports
It was pretty much the most anticipated day of the year for League of Legends fans: 
the leaderboard daily dot rooster teeth Catch up on what you missed from a week in esports
A huge Dota 2 tournament in China. League coaching shuffles. Here's everything you need to know from a week in esports.
KrS5yxT.jpg (840×453) Here's what you need to know from a week in esports
It was a fantastic week for esports.
FznPEiL.jpg (787×460) Introducing the Leaderboard, your one-stop shop for all things esports
We launched our esports section to fill a void in esports journalism. Now we're partnering with Rooster Teeth to do the same for online video.
Justin_Kan_-_face_-_Gnomedex_2007.jpg (2896×1944) Livestreaming pioneer shuts down
The site that pioneered the technology of "lifestreaming" has closed its doors for good.
Mts6BEX.jpg (1024×768) Germany took 18 minutes to knock Brazil out of the World Cup
The most extraordinary 18 minutes in the history of the World Cup.