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Kate Knibbs

imgur: the simple image sharer You probably won't be able to use Starbucks' new wireless phone chargers
Wireless phone chargers are cool, but how many of Starbucks' customers will be able to use the ones they're installing? 
marissa ryan oc mmm whatcha say death The complete history of the 'Mmm Whatcha Say' meme
Cue the melodramatic glances. 
Lactavist Facebook will finally allow breastfeeding photos
Facebook wants you to know it's down with breastfeeding photos. 
imgur: the simple image sharer Facebook 'likes' show what you and your dad have in common
Dads: They’re just like us!  
ZA7O5XG.jpg (1024×569) You own all of Tesla's patents
Elon Musk rejects patent culture in hopes it’ll help the electric car industry.  
gryft Gryft is like Lyft, but for perverted dirtbags
It’s not mandatory to have a dirty pornstache to be a Gryft driver... but it doesn’t hurt.