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Jordan Valinsky

turd main This self-done tattoo is not what you think it is
There's a post on Reddit titled "Guy posts a picture a tattoo he gave himself that looks like a turd." But it's not a turd.
phillips lgbt How the Internet helps young gay teens come out
It's not possible to create a utopian, 100 percent safe environment for young gay teens on the Internet. But safe spaces like Tumblr's Everyone Is Gay can cut down the suicide rate. Here's how.
breast milk Add "breast milk" to the list of things you can share on Facebook
Despite health department warnings, women are freezing their breast milk and sharing it with Facebook friends who can't breastfeed.
luton Here's a surefire way for an airport to lose Facebook followers
An airport outside of London is learning that posting a photo of a plane accident on its Facebook page was probably the stupidest thing ever.
negrete Bullied teen says school forced access to her Facebook page
Did a Washington middle school overstep its boundaries by demanding access to one of its students' Facebook profiles as part of a cyberbullying investigation?
one direction main A survival guide for #Directioners and #Beliebers
Here's what you need to know about the fandoms for the biggest male pop superstars.