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Joey Cosco

imgur: the simple image sharer YouTube's favorite paleontology expert is also a 4th grader
When he's not in school, he's digging for fossils and showing the results on YouTube.
ylvis.jpg (1272×667) There's more to Ylvis than one viral video
By now, you probably know what the fox says. But the story of the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis doesn’t start at dingeringeding.
imgur: the simple image sharer U.S. Marine asks out Anna Kendrick with his own 'Cups' song
Does Lance Cpl. Corey Birkholz have a chance with one of Hollywood's hottest actresses?
undefined How Reddit helped launch a voice actor's career
Joseph Scales thanked the social news site the only way he knows how: with more incredible impressions. 
undefined Jimmy Kimmel was behind the 'Worst Twerk Fail EVER' hoax
Here’s another reason why you can’t believe everything you see on the Internet.
imgur: the simple image sharer They thought they were getting a job interview, but they got this instead
You'd pee your pants, too, if it happened to you.