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Joe Kloc

gavel | Flickr - Photo Sharing! FTC sues email spammers for lying about Obamacare
Turns out some spam isn't just annoying, it's illegal.
City sunset | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Would you hand over personal data to prevent a major disease outbreak?
New research suggests your transit data could help stop mass infections in major cities.
snowdenqa.png (1440×720) 'Not all spying is bad,' Snowden says in live Q&A
In a live, public Q and A session, Snowden discusses everything from Obama's speech to NSA capabilities.
Eavesdropping | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Google Chrome bug lets hackers eavesdrop on you
Google has fixed it, but they've yet to update.
All sizes | Reichstag and German flag | Flickr - Photo Sharing! As much as one fifth of Germany had its email hacked
16 million email accounts have been compromised in Germany.
A police cordon. | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Snowden asks Russian police to protect him from U.S. agents' threats
But should he actually be worried?