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Jess Zimmerman

Why do men need to watch their girlfriends get catcalled to wake up?
Hey dudes—women have been telling you this for years.
Woman Shushing The year of shutting up
To save social media, we need to make it less social.
emoji cat This bot will draw your soul in emoji
As of today, I finally understand myself: I am a panda in a dress, top hat, and sneakers, drinking a margarita.
imgur: the simple image sharer Here's the Internet slang the FBI really needs to watch out for
Wait till they get their hands on the first dude to tweet “IADMACTAAGI.”
imgur: the simple image sharer The occult conspiracy hidden in the new emoji
The bell, book, and candle are used to damn people to hell. What are they doing together? What’s going on?
imgur: the simple image sharer A hashtag activism guide for men
What to do if you’re a dude who does not want to be a noisy baby about #YesAllWomen? I’m glad you asked.