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Jay Hathaway

Jay is a writer on the Internet. He has previously been a staff writer at Gawker, served as the news editor of the Daily Dot, and written for,, The Daily What (R.I.P.), Download Squad (R.I.P.), and Urlesque (also R.I.P.). He can also be found at stock-photo-of-mature-man-reading-computer-screen-with-family-cat-in-his-lap-while-working-from-home.jpg.
ted cruz's nose looks like a stegosaurus Ted Cruz autographed 'The Communist Manifesto,' so it's time to get memeing
Cruz tries, but he can't escape the internet.
jim sterling jimquisition content id prank Game reviewer tricks companies into fighting each other over YouTube copyright
They can't take down his videos until they untangle this knot.
twitter bird roaming through a weird landscape If you block every ad on Twitter, things start to get weird
Are these advertisements even for people?
chris christie dancing at springsteen concert Chris Christie busts out his dad dance moves at Springsteen concert
This is the pure essence of Chris Christie.
drake views album cover meme sad keanu Like everything else about him, Drake's new album cover is a meme
'They didn’t waste anytime time memeing him 😂😂😂.'