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Jay Hathaway

Jay is a writer on the Internet. He has previously been a staff writer at Gawker, served as the news editor of the Daily Dot, and written for,, The Daily What (R.I.P.), Download Squad (R.I.P.), and Urlesque (also R.I.P.). He can also be found at stock-photo-of-mature-man-reading-computer-screen-with-family-cat-in-his-lap-while-working-from-home.jpg.
tamagotchi asleep next to poop RIP Orlando Bloom's Tamagotchi, dead of neglect at the Met Gala
Pets are not accessories, Orlando Bloom!
weasel like the one that maybe shut down the large hadron collider Large Hadron Collider reportedly knocked out by damn pesky weasel
The world's largest particle accelerator was defeated by small mammal.
ted cruz's nose looks like a stegosaurus Ted Cruz autographed 'The Communist Manifesto,' so it's time to get memeing
Cruz tries, but he can't escape the internet.
jim sterling jimquisition content id prank Game reviewer tricks companies into fighting each other over YouTube copyright
They can't take down his videos until they untangle this knot.