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Jared Wynne

ESL One Cologne trophy ESL One Cologne pulls in $4.2 million in revenue for teams, sets viewer records
The latest Counter-Strike major has set new records in both viewership and in money doled out to competing teams.
Yun from SF4 arcade Zeveron officially dissolves, Kazunoko now a free agent
The latest saga of a troubled esports franchise is finally at a close.
The International Dota 2 shuffle continues with Empire, Aui 2000
The latest round of changes involve one of Europe’s best Dota 2 squads.
Stereoscopic 3D glasses You can see through walls in Counter-Strike with stereoscopic 3D
Is the next wallhack simply stereoscopic 3D?
Complexity logo Complexity returns to Counter-Strike
One of the most storied organizations in Counter-Strike’s long history has returned to the game where it all began.
CS dudes Global Offensive Counter-Strike major more watched than League of Legends finals on Twitch
Twitch viewers watched more Counter-Strike this weekend than any other game, despite two League of Legends finals.
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