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Jared Wynne

cloud9 counterstrike teamAmericans complete stacked field for ESL One Cologne
The field now set for the Fall season’s biggest Counter-Strike tournament.
Your brain is not ready for this Pokémon speedrun
What’s the quickest way to catch them all in Pokémon? Completely and utterly break the game.
Gaming's biannual speedrunning extravaganza raises $1.2 million for charity
Broken records. Hundreds of thousands of viewers. And a whole lot of money for charity.
Mega Man 4 race comes down to wild photo finish
In which the Summer Games Done Quick gaming marathon goes off the rails.
This guy is better than you at Legend of Zelda—and he doesn't even use a sword
It may be dangerous to go alone in The Legend of Zelda, but for the world’s best speedrunners, it’s almost doable.
This is what it takes to get your mic cut at Summer Games Done Quick
It really takes something special to overshadow all the goodness on display at Summer Games Done Quick
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