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Jared Wynne

counter-strike trick shot This Counter-Strike trick shot is unbelievable
Looking for a new trick shot to attempt in 'Counter-Strike'? How about one that involves launching a rifle across the map with an explosion?
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The most-watched esports event of the year is already living up to expectations.
Counter-Strike legend may face jail time
One of the biggest names in Counter-Strike history may soon find himself behind bars.
Scream leaves Gamers2, replaces Maniac at Titan
Quitting your job to focus on the game isn’t enough to guarantee keeping your spot on a pro team.
Vulcun's CEO talks super leagues, a $10 million prize—and Smite
It's not hard to argue that no company has made a bigger impact in esports this year than Vulcun.
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Levine has been a part of some of the biggest moments in esports. Now he's got his sights set higher.