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Janet Kornblum

call-for-help.png (1440×720) A cry for help in the digital night
How do you deal with a suicde threat made in an anonymous forum?
an evening playing 'smartphone' pub quiz with the exeter twitterati! | Flickr - Photo Sharing! When voice recognition software backfires
Please excuse the voice-o's.
All sizes | A Soap Box. | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Getting up on our soapboxes about the government shutdown
Are we all listening to a different America in echo chambers of our own making?
undefined Grappling with the last of the non-Facebook generation
You’ve heard of them, right? You know, the people who don’t Facebook.
All sizes | Child with bicycle on the beach | Flickr - Photo Sharing! When childhood bullies return on Facebook
There are some memories worth leaving behind on Facebook. 
All sizes | Boys Club | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Get with the bro-gram, ladies
Are bro-culture and startup culture now one and the same?