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Jack Flanagan

UDYYfuS.png (1300×650) Your Instagram photos might actually be worth something
Perfect your Earlybird shots while you still can. 
A West Bank wall at Kalandia w ith graffiti by Banksy. The Israeli-Palestinian battle for a Twitter hashtag
#BringBackOurBoys: has already received 140,000 tweets. 
Limo Uber taxi driver The trick Uber drivers use to boost their salaries
Hint: It involves a lot of coffee.
football soccer ball in grass 'Soccer' isn't an American word
New research suggests the Brits actually invented the term they make fun of Americans for using.
Valve Team Fortress short film Valve releases 15-minute 'Team Fortress 2' short film
Finally, the game's cast of characters get the screen time they deserve.
bunny rabbit jeanette winterson This author's stirring the pot for a controversial dinner choice
"Rabbit ate my parsley. I am eating the rabbit."