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Grant Robertson

snowden. hope, x Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg speak truth to power at HOPE X
"Technology empowers dissent." 
undefined Quickmeme banned from Reddit for alleged vote manipulation
News of the ban broke on Reddit in the form of a Scumbag Steve meme.
wordcloud lead art Picture this: the Daily Dot's words of 2011
If you haven't read all our lofty words, you can at least get a pictorial representation of what we've said over the year.
Lock Data Point: The six worst data leaks of 2011
From Sony to the New York Yankees, these high profile data blunders had security analysts reaching for Mylanta. 
Data Point Data Point: ...And they will know us by the trail of data
Rolling out the welcome mat for the new overlords of data logging with a little TMI. 
On the Dot Wordcloud 20111118 On the Dot: Anonymous dominates the news
The hacker collective came up again and again this week—in part because of its nasty habit of infighting.