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Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

star trek bryan fuller 3 things we can expect from Bryan Fuller's upcoming 'Star Trek' series
'Star Trek' is going to get a makeover from Bryan Fuller, and we couldn't be more excited.
cursed child J.K. Rowling is publishing 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' as a book
J.K Rowling's Harry Potter sequel may be a stage play, but that doesn't mean you can't read it at home.
selfie zoolander 'Zoolander 2' premiere sets the world record for longest selfie stick
Selfie sticks are the ideal accessory for male model Derek Zoolander.
bryan fuller Bryan Fuller will helm the new 'Star Trek' TV series
Bryan Fuller began his career with 'Star Trek: Voyager,' and 'Deep Space Nine,' making him a perfect choice.
deadpool 'Deadpool' keeps the fratboy humor, but loses the comic book's subversive edge
Marvel's raunchy new action-comedy is nowhere near as rebellious as it wants itself to be.
captain america civil war Bernie Sanders stands with Captain America against the Superhero Registration Act
We asked every major presidential campaign where they stood on the superhero divide.