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Fruzsina Eördögh

new eden reviewAnimated sci-fi comedy New Eden debuts on YouTube
Writer Brett Snelgrove and animator Freek van Haagen hope their pilot episode is funny enough to reel in sponsors for a full series.
YouTube deathWhat happens to your YouTube videos when you die?
Unlike Facebook, YouTube doesn't provide a way for families to preserve the accounts of their deceased loved ones.
advanced uavAdvanced UAV beats YouTube haters at their own game
The 13-year-old gaming prodigy has amassed roughly 10,000 subscribers for his commentary on the Call of Duty series. 
overly attached gfBieber girlfriend contest spawns Overly Attached Girlfriend meme
Justin Bieber's contest to launch his perfume leverages his fans' love. Too bad there's already a fragrance called "Obsession."
game of thrones rapThis "Game of Thrones" rap song is surprisingly good
And there's not even a single mention of Lannister gold.
Then and now artTales of the kitsch and famous: Memes—then and now [Infographic]
Where are Success Kid, Chuck Testa, and Antoine Dodson now? You're about to find out. 
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