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Fidel Martinez

dubstep Dubstep Cat battles Heavy Metal Cat for YouTube supremacy
Here's an obvious fact: The Internet unanimously loves cat videos. The same can't be said for musical genres.
metroid Nintendo yanks 'Metroid' fan film from Kickstarter
Another day, another Kickstarter project taken down because of copyright infringement.
jwc3 'Japan World Cup 3': Everything's made up and the points don't matter
Japan's reputation for all things WTF is well-earned, and Japan World Cup 3 proves it.
duet Kristin Chenoweth and a guest cast a spell over the Hollywood Bowl
Sarah Horn didn't plan on being onstage at this L.A. concert, but look at the green girl go!
food trucks You like the Koch brothers on Facebook and don't even know it
Using memes and generic slogans like "Being American," advocacy groups backed by the Kochs are snagging Facebook likes left and right. 
fb Florida teacher arrested for soliciting students on Facebook
Stevie Glasspool, 31, was taken into custody on Thursday on charges of soliciting a child for unlawful sexual conduct.