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Ferguson Mitchell

World Series of Gaming on Twitch opening ceremony. WSVG's opening ceremony was a baffling and terrible disaster
A 'rolling dumpster fire' indeed.
Super Evil's COO on a Vainglory pro league and pushing the boundaries of mobile esports
Vainglory rocked the esports scene with news of an international pro league in partnership with OGN. Super Evil Megacorp thinks that's only the beginning.
Spacetime Studios' Cinco Barnes says Call of Champions has plenty more to come
'It's my belief that our biggest opportunities are yet to come in the streaming, tournament and event spaces.'
A sneak peek at Battle for Zendikar with Mark Rosewater
Rosewater spills on what these rare cards mean for the future of Magic.
art from the starcraft 2 visual novel Ever wondered what the pro gaming life is really like? This visual novel will show you
If the world of StarCraft amateurs and washed-out pros came together, this would be their magnum opus.
Why the new Magic expansion could be the highest-selling set ever
Some expert estimate these rare cards could sell upwards of $500.