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Ferguson Mitchell

Relentless Dead card The dead are relentless in Magic: the Gathering’s newest expansion, Shadows over Innistrad
We talked to designer Gavin Verhey—and got an exclusive preview of a game-changing new card!
orcs fighting world of warcraft World of Warcraft is broken as an esport—but Blizzard can still fix it
As an esport, World of Warcraft is the worst.
Salt shaker with the title of games in it 9 saltiest esports moments of 2015
Bitter much? It's been a very salty year.
overwatch character mei Overwatch is getting three new champions, a Hollywood map—and a release date, Genji, and Mei will join the Overwatch ranks, and soon so can you!
Heroes of the Storm Blizzard reveals new maps, champions, and game mode for Heroes
Greymane, Lunara, Cho'Gall, and the Towers of Doom highlight Blizzard's plans