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Eric Geller

Eric Geller is the Morning Editor and a political reporter at the Daily Dot. In addition to running the site in the early morning hours, he writes about technology policy, including cybersecurity, surveillance, encryption, and privacy. He reports from Washington and handles most of the site’s regulatory, congressional, and judicial coverage. He is interested in—some would say obsessed with—'Star Wars,' Twitter, and puns.
illustration of a door ajar that looks like an iphone Secure Data Act: The pro-encryption bill that Congress is ignoring
Neither chamber of Congress has moved the bill out of the committee stage.
Glowing email with lock flying across binary background House passes Email Privacy Act, a bill requiring warrants for online communications
This is a major step forward for online privacy.
Apple iPhone 5c FBI says it won't submit tool used to hack San Bernardino iPhone for disclosure review
Apple is sure to be disappointed by this decision.
Hillary Clinton holding microphone at rally Hillary Clinton wins Pennsylvania, scoring major victory over Bernie Sanders
Clinton's margin of victory was significant.
Donald Trump waving at rally Donald Trump wins Pennsylvania Republican primary
As the exit polls rolled in, it became clear that Cruz didn't have a chance.