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Eric Geller

abstract art of edward snowden Edward Snowden describes GCHQ's 'Smurf Suite' of phone surveillance tools
It would be foolish to assume that you were truly safe from determined government spies.
Surveillance cameras on French flag France moves closer to passing controversial surveillance law
France's constitutional court struck down parts of a prior surveillance law, so lawmakers are trying again.
Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton email from 2011 reveals concerns with State Department technology
'State's technology is so antiquated that NO ONE uses a State-issued laptop.'
image of a digital policeman House advances bill to help states fight cybercrime
The measure had such broad bipartisan support that it didn't even need a recorded vote.
three people (each colored like their nationality) are arguing over an internet logo The global struggle to prevent cyberwar
What is cyberwar? Nobody knows—and that's a dangerous problem.
U.S. urges E.U. court to keep data-sharing agreement, despite NSA concerns
The international fallout from Edward Snowden's NSA revelations continues.