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Eric Geller

CenturyLink joins Connect America Fund to expand its rural broadband service
'This is the largest amount accepted by any company to date.'
Scientists used a speech-analysis program to perfectly predict which young people would develop schizophrenia Speech-analysis software perfectly predicts which people will develop schizophrenia
Researchers also opened the door to other uses of the technology beyond psychoses.
U.S. government releases plan to protect the power grid from cyberattacks
Experts say hackers could wage a devastating attack on the U.S. power grid.
image of the UN flag with digital artifacts and coding blurring up the screen U.N. privacy watchdog slams anti-encryption 'Times' op-ed
He's not happy with the direction that the debate is taking.
The FTC can now sue companies for failing to protect your data
Time to beef up that security.
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