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Eric Geller

US and UK flags glitch British police seek authority to directly serve U.S. companies with warrants
Congress would have to approve of any deal to change how foreign governments get U.S. data.
Bush officials also received info now considered classified on personal emails
First Hillary Clinton, and now Colin Powell.
'The Force Awakens' sound designer Matthew Wood on 'Star Wars' Easter eggs
You probably missed several obscure—and hilarious—voice cameos in the new film.
image of a judge's gavel next to a smartphone What is the Judicial Redress Act and why is it important to U.S.–E.U. relations?
The bill would give Europeans a key right that Americans already enjoy.
a person writing bad comments on a website Top European court rules that websites aren't liable for mean comments
You can't force a European website to delete a comment just because it hurts your feelings.