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EJ Dickson

an attractive woman gazing at the viewer with a large I was slut-shamed at 13—and it's never left me
The issue of slut-shaming is bigger than any one person, and its effects last a lifetime.
condomTeens are developing a color-changing condom that detects STIs
That might make for some awkward morning-after conversations.
Bree OlsonA porn star tells us why she sent this viral warning to young girls
'Women that have done porn are not lesser than.'
hotel lobbyGuys, please stop leaving your sex toys in hotel rooms
You're all disgusting pervs, says survey.
weeniesHow the Small Penis Pageant answers big questions about male body image
Good things truly do come in small packages.
maxwell barrettSenior makes stunning confession in his yearbook quote
The school tried to ban it, but nothing could keep him down.
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