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Dennis Scimeca

Screengrab from Firewatch of a one-person watchtower in the forest at night, with the full moon behind it. Firewatch delivers a forest adventure that never really ignites
Mad Men's Rich Sommer saves Firewatch from its many rough edges.
Promotional screengrab for a GTA V mod. The creator of Grand Theft Auto V's coolest mods talks about what's next
Superheroes and open-world game mash-ups are the specialities of modder JulioNIB.
Screengrab from a YouTube video. Doom gets a release date and an intense new trailer
Bethesda's venerable first-person-shooter franchise has a few new moves.
Promotional screenshot for XCOM 2. XCOM 2 has everything you could want in a sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown Daily Dot Approved
If only every second game in a franchise could be this good.
Promotional image for The Division. How to get the most out of Tom Clancy's The Division beta this weekend
You have just a short time to play.
Promotional image for Fallout: New Vegas Meet the Fallout: New Vegas modder who could make a Fallout MMO possible
You may no longer have to be a Lone Wanderer in the wastelands.