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Dennis Scimeca

Screengrab from a trailer for Hardcore Henry, a picture of several masked men wearing black hoods and pointing assault rifles di The trailer for the 'Hardcore Henry' film looks just like a first-person shooter
It looks like being on a Call of Duty ride along.
Screenshot from a YouTube video with Mario in an X-Wing fighter and King Bowser in a TIE fighter, about to begin a Mario Kart-st 'Star Wars' meets Mario, Luigi, and Bowser in 'Star Kart'
Mario and Luigi are just as cute in X-Wings and Y-Wings.
gametrailers logo ducking out of sight behind closing theater curtains The venerable website GameTrailers is shutting its doors
The surprise announcement comes as a shock to gamers.
amazon robot leaping and grabbing video game coins Amazon releases Lumberyard, a new game development engine
Amazon is charging absolutely nothing for its high-powered game development tool.
First-person perspective shot of a caveman holding a spear in the ready position, about to throw it at a charging Mastodon. Ubisoft's new trailer for Far Cry Primal explains the big changes to the franchise
The long-running series about open worlds and guns is moving in a very different direction.
Screengrab from Firewatch of a one-person watchtower in the forest at night, with the full moon behind it. Firewatch delivers a forest adventure that never really ignites
Mad Men's Rich Sommer saves Firewatch from its many rough edges.