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Dennis Scimeca

Valve and HTC's Vive VR rig will not be released this Fall Valve and HTC's Vive VR rig will not be released this year
Valve announces the delay via promotion of a pair of game demos at PAX.
Screengrab from a Transformers Devastation YouTube video. Your favorite Autobots are back in this new Transformers: Devastation trailer
The battle with the Decepticons begins soon.
Screengrab from the Share the Force website. Target charts a galaxy of 'Star Wars' fans' memories with a fun new site
If you'll be in line on Force Friday, this is the site for you.
Screengrab from the YouTube Gaming page. YouTube Gaming starts its drive to challenge Twitch today
Can there be another major player in the game streaming sphere?
Screengrab from GTA V on PC running a graphics mod. Film-quality Grand Theft Auto V graphics mod takes PC mods to a whole new level
The game already looked great on PC. This mod makes it look like a movie.
Promotional illustration for Metal Gear Solid V. Get a taste of what's to come in the launch trailer for Metal Gear Solid V
The biggest game in the franchise has an appropriately big trailer.
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