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Dennis Scimeca

Promotional illustration of Rock Band 4. Rock Band 4 is an encore performance of the world’s greatest party game
There's no reason for Rock Band veterans not to own Rock Band 4.
Screengrab from a YouTube video. PewDiePie teaches Stephen Colbert to swear in Swedish
YouTube's goofiest star meets television's most sarcastic host.
Promotional photo of the Oculus Rift We now know roughly how much Oculus Rift will cost
The founder of Oculus stands by earlier cost estimates.
Screengrab from the Call of Duty Twitter account. Call of Duty's Twitter account fakes an emergency in Singapore
The marketing tactic raised eyebrows and drew criticism.
Screengrab from a YouTube video. Online role-playing game Wildstar is now free to play
You just lost your excuse for not trying an exciting MMO.