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Dell Cameron

illustration of edward snowden Former CIA chief blames Paris attacks on Edward Snowden, says he should be 'hanged'
James Woolsey says Snowden has 'blood on his hands.'
Minneapolis police One of 4 suspects released in Minneapolis Black Lives Matter shooting
Police arrested two men but they've yet to be identified.
4th precinct Five people shot at Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis
The protesters say it was 'white supremacists' who opened fire Monday night.
Republicans oppose Obama's decision to pardon 2 turkeys last Thanksgiving
Some 38 percent of Republicans disagree with Obama's decision to pardon two turkeys last year.
image of someone wearing an anonymous mask Twitter: Anonymous's lists of alleged ISIS accounts are 'wildly inaccurate'
Twitter is working to eliminate any ISIS support on its network
France sees rise in cyberattacks surrounding Paris bombings
A disturbing increase.