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Dave Copeland

FacebookTimeline Facebook's timeline is finally here
Facebook's  controversial new look is finally being rolled out—and so far, complaints are minimal.
tweet seats Tweet seats now offered at some performing arts venues
Right next to the nosebleeds: Tweet seats, where social media-enthusiasts go to live-tweet events. 
India India asks Internet giants to screen content
Representatives from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook met with India’s telecommunications minister to discuss possible censorship. 
Facebook cop Officers' Facebook comments reveal an ugly side of the New York Police Department
The comments made by New York City police officers on a Facebook page in regards to the West Indian American Day Parade in Brooklyn appear to violate department policy. 
phones Mexican Army seizes a mobile network allegedly tied to Los Zetas
The encrypted, mobile-phone network sheds new light on the sophisticated technology employed by the the ruthless drug cartels. 
anon-screengrab As "Operation Safe Roads" looms, Anonymous makes demands in a new video
In a new video, set to be released publicly on Sunday, the hacktivists issued a list of requirements for bus companies to meet before the Dec. 10 deadline to prevent action.