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Daniel Kibblesmith

Joker Carrying Card with Twitter Bird on it How to win at Twitter
All the tips you need to triumph on the social network of depressed 20-somethings.
win-at-fb-header.jpg (1440×720) How to win at Facebook
You've been using Facebook all wrong. 
wintheinternet2.jpg (1440×720) How to win at email
Follow these tips to craft an email so compelling that the recipient will carry out its every command.
Lazy Banksy Lazy Banksy: When imitation clearly isn't flattery
"We're like the real Banksy, just silently putting things out there and seeing what happens."
undefined Meet the host of the KKK's online kids' show
"Hi! My name is Andrew—and this show is for all the white kids out there!"
Jesus Dog The long-forgotten origins of Dog Butt Jesus hysteria
Before Butthole Jesus, there was Get Behind Jesus.