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Cody Permenter

Gulf Building | Flickr - Photo Sharing! JPMorgan Chase's #AskJPM campaign turned into a PR nightmare
JPMorgan had to learn the hard way that its public image still needed a little work.
7998222875_a0bbb7b60f_h.jpg (1600×1067) A senator's guide to avoiding plagiarism charges
A quick and easy guide to proper citation—for Rand Paul and everyone else.
Boston Bombing Costume Add 'Boston Marathon bombing victim' to the list of offensive costumes
Alicia Ann Lynch's costume was too soon, and her apology too little and too late.
Indian Prime Minister India's prime minister is almost impossible to spy on
His strategy? Just completely avoid 21st century technology.
Cookie butter puppets Allow these puppets to introduce you to your new favorite food
It's the only condiment that can put Nutella to shame.
Ligue Pokémon | Flickr - Photo Sharing! It turns out the iPhone is the holy grail for Pokémon nerds
Your 10-year-old self would be totally geeking out.