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Christian Yoder

Dirty Signs with Kristin Talking dirty in sign language with Kristin Henson
Through her unique YouTube series, Henson is teaching novices all the curse words and phrases you won’t find in textbooks.
White Toilet Behind Cinematic Excrement's very funny reviews of very bad movies
"Cinematic Excrement" creator Sean Moore only reviews the worst of the worst movies, which makes his YouTube show a lot more entertaining than the film flops he's mocking.  
shh Politwoops saves politicians' deleted tweets
It's not nearly as much fun as it sounds.
flowers Reddit mourns a much-loved moderator
Harry Delmolino, 18, passed away from head injuries he suffered in a bicycle accident. 
Mohammed Everybody Draw Mohammed Day prompts temporary Twitter ban in Pakistan
Authorities acted swiftly against the third annual event, which was linked to a drawing competition on Facebook. 
Magnifying Glass How Reddit debunked an elaborate Wikipedia hoax
In a matter of minutes, Reddit users were able to detect foulplay in Wikipedia's account of an alleged serial killer.