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Chris R. Albon

All sizes | Earth Waves at Cassini | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Are we the last generation that will know a free Internet?
Governments all around the world are changing their relationship to the Internet. It's a war of Internet norms. 
undefined The NSA is only the battle, not the war
We need to prepare for the long haul ahead, where someone, somewhere, will always be reading your email. 
undefined Has the NSA killed email?
Are we hearing the death knells of email as a useable medium?
Tornado Damage | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Disaster relief organization to gamers: We need your help
Do gamers have a critical role to play in disaster relief efforts? The Internet Response League thinks so. 
All sizes | I Spy [013-2010_project365] | Flickr - Photo Sharing! The unlikeliest ally in the fight against NSA spying
All of a sudden, tech companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook are your strongest new ally.