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Cassandra Khaw

Global-Net-Orchestra.jpg (1440×720) I was a player in the global Internet orchestra
For one brief moment, it seemed like we were making music. And then all hell broke loose.
Da6WBPP.jpg (1778×1000) Does the 'Dota 2' Workshop suffer from favoritism?
The Workshop seems like a perfect marriage of fandom and corporate sponsorhsip. Is it working?
imgur: the simple image sharer $300K at stake in 'World of Tanks' grand finals
The freemium game has a surprisingly huge player base—75 million at last count.
imgur: the simple image sharer Teen murders his own grandmother after she interrupts his 'Dota' match
But did the game cause the murder?
1085074_1394043353.8147_multi.jpeg (600×600) Gamers raise more than $100K for beloved blogger's cancer treatments
Brandon Boyer's insurance company failed him. But his fans didn't.
Jurassic Park | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Now you can try to crack the computer system from 'Jurassic Park'
"Ah-ah-ah, you didn't say the magic word..."