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Carin Moonin

All sizes | Birthday Cake | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Everything the Internet taught me about being 39 is a lie
I’m not that different than I was at 20. Or 13. Or 8.
jammies.png (851×458) Put your damn 'Christmas Jammies' away
Videos remove the holiday spirit from my mantle and add it onto my screen, and I hate it. 
social-media-beggar.jpg (1440×720) How do you post bad news online?
Who wants to be the Eeyore of the Interwebs?
All sizes | voice mail for me | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Voicemail etiquette for journalists: Just don't
Why, in this era of multi-connectedness, are we constantly missing each other?
All sizes | Turkey | Flickr - Photo Sharing! What I'm not thankful for on the Internet
From listicles to Throwback Thursday, there's a lot to hate on the Interent
GoldieBlox.png (851×415) Tired of Goldieblox girl power? Me too
Why does there have to be a great divide between drawing pretty pink princesses and building the Large Hadron Collider?