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Beth Elderkin

man holding pistol in front of flag Why are almost all active shooters men?
And why is no one talking about it?
Gaming controller Gamergate's token politician plagiarized a Clickhole article
It's about ethics in plagiarizing an Onion article.
Hipster photo by Theodore Lee Math explains why even hipsters end up conforming
Even non-conformists end up conforming. Here's why.
Pumpkin Spice Love
Denise Mattox/Flickr A chat with @TheRealPSL, Twitter's dark genius of pumpkin spice
Your favorite seasonal Starbucks beverage is killing it on Twitter.
shake it off pitt athletics collage Student athletes really love to 'Shake It Off'
Everyone has a different reason for doing it, but we all want to shake it off.
Homestar Runner Halloween. 'Homestar Runner' is back with its first Halloween special in 5 years
Watch the Homestar Runner Halloween special teaser.