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Ben Branstetter

ashley madison Online dating is a scam
Ashley Madison doesn't want you to get lucky. It wants you to keep coming back.
corrupted image of a computer Can the government prevent another Ashley Madison if it can't protect its own data?
The Obama administration needs to get its house before it tells companies what to do.
ashley madison Cheating is an awful thing to do—but should you lose your job over it?
Getting exposed on Ashley Madison could mean unemployment.
Steve Harvey It's time to stop tolerating Steve Harvey's misogynist act
Why the Internet should campaign to #CancelSteveHarvey.
The problem with accusing this Christian vlogger couple of lying about their miscarriage
You might not like YouTube stars Sam and Nia Rader—but you shouldn't accuse them of lying.
abstract art made by using camera film icons Amazon treats its workers like machines because it wishes they were machines
This is a terrifying glimpse into the American workforce's robot future.
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