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Ben Branstetter

Donald Trump is right about the Middle East
Believe it or not, Trump has a point about Iraq.
Stop sign filled with bullet holes After [insert tragedy here], it's time to get serious about gun control
The details might change, but the facts never do.
china surrounded by data and obama's symbol How Obama's cybersecurity deal with China could prevent a cyber Cold War
The deal represents the first breaking point in what has been a steely barrier between the U.S. and China.
sketchy art of donald trump Donald Trump is right about Fox News—but not for the reason you think
The problem with Fox News is far bigger than Donald Trump
abstract art of the twitter bird Your Twitter Q&A is doomed to fail
If the platform's Donald Trump town hall was a disaster, there's a reason why.
If someone accuses you of violating a dead pig, here's why you shouldn't deny it
Dear David Cameron—don't feed the trolls.