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Ben Branstetter

twitter bird dressed up to look like an election animal Can the 2016 election help save Twitter?
Forget the debates, Twitter is now the new campaign battleground.
Facebook horn How Reactions will change the way you use Facebook
One of the most seminal symbols of Facebook is evolving.
Oscar statues Why Chris Rock shouldn't boycott the Oscars
For the past 88 years, many have used the awards ceremony to bring attention to important causes.
Girl using phone pen It will take more than encouragement to get girls to ‘be the nerd’
Encouraging girls to get into science and tech is oversimplifying the real issue.
Oregon standoff Inside the great social media divide over the Oregon standoff
Our digital lives mirror the ever-growing radicalism of our beliefs.
abstract art of net neutrality logo 2015 was the last year of the open Web
The fight has just begun.