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Beejoli Shah

indian woman looking at viewer with the word SLUT tattooed on her arm I was slut-shamed by my Indian-American community
I was a victim of date rape, but my community wasn’t willing to face it.
lucy hemmings Why this blog post about public masturbation in India is going viral
Lucy Hemmings witnessed a man masturbating in front of her in Mumbai. Now Indians are apologizing on his behalf.
Philip Aaron Bonnie A former Marine is crowdfunding a mission to hunt down ISIS
A noble mission—but is it the best way to help?
uva What Rolling Stone can teach us about talking about campus rape
When I was raped in college, I felt I had nowhere to turn to. The fallout from the Rolling Stone UVA debacle can change that.
Amazon Boxes My first year in New York, as told by my Amazon purchase history
A life told in overpriced shampoo, leg warmers, and an unused bikini trimmer.
SONY CEO Michael Lynton silhouette in front of SONY Pictures logo Sony CEO apologizes for dismissive email about sexual assault victims
Things just keep getting worse for Sony Entertainment.