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Andrew Groen

20140119034628a0dor8vkdbr890wt.jpg (640×427) China flexes its muscles in Star Ladder 'Dota 2' finals
We knew Team DK was strong. But few expected them to absolutely dominate.
erl674w.jpg (1280×852) Here are the greatest rivalries in professional 'Dota'
From early Chinese sides to the modern El Clasico, these are the matchups Dota fans drool over.
starcraft-guy3.jpg (1440×720) With WCS Europe win, the 'Bosstoss' is finally back in form
Jang “MC” Min Chul's two-year slump is over.
protoss-colossus-2.jpg (1596×1200) Why Protoss has dominated pro 'StarCraft 2' in 2014
Is StarCraft 2 fatally imbalanced?
edPdRRf.png (1920×981) Is Brandon 'puCK' Qual StarCraft's next foreign hope?
As the last non-Korean standing in the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series, he's got a good case.
VqfGAah.jpg (1044×649) Two moments of weakness will taint the legacy of a 'StarCraft' legend
There are two sides to Johan "Naniwa" Luchessi. And one will stain his legacy.