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Andrew Couts

bernie sanders in new hamphire Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire, tops Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton just got Berned.
Donald Trump poster above a wall at night Former Mexican president says his country won't pay for Donald Trump's 'stupid wall'
'I don't want to say ignorant, but he is not very well informed.'
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton at the Feb. 4 Democratic debate in New Hampshire Who won the first Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton debate?
Bernie Sanders had a huge moment.
Rand Paul drops out of GOP presidential race
'Today, I will end where I began.'
Sen. Ted Cruz at seventh 2016 GOP debate in De Moines, Iowa Donald Trump still won the GOP debate
It was the 'elephant not in the room.'
Bernie's Yearning ice cream by Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's Ben & Jerry's co-founder creates Bernie's Yearning ice cream
Cool down while feeling the Bern.