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Aja Romano

Jason Isaacs posing with John Tierney and daughter Niamh as they cosplay as Snape and Bellatrix LestrangeFather and daughter bond over the magic of cosplay
The family that cosplays together, stays together.
Crawl inside the mind of a killer with comics creator Joshua Williamson
Marvel's rising star shares his thoughts on horror, the rise of independent comics, and serial killer fandoms.
Don't listen to William Shatner—'Star Trek' is totally political
William Shatner blocked us on Twitter because we think 'Star Trek' is political. Here's why we're right.
Now we know why a crucial 'Attack on Titan' character was left out of the movie
Instead of changing his name to something less foreign, the filmmakers erased his character altogether.
before/after illustration of bikini girl from grand theft auto, photoshopped with realistic proportionsBulimia website Photoshops video-game women with realistic proportions
Here's an easy way to make games look better than ever.
Screengrab from OnlyLeighAre there too many Marvel movies?
Has Marvel jumped the supershark?
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