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Aja Romano

It's James Potter's first day at Hogwarts—here's what he could find
James has seven years to look forward to in the greatest school on earth—but it's not the Hogwarts we knew.
Fan artist retells the whole story of 'Mad Max' in Egyptian hieroglyphs
This is it, the only Mad Max fanart we need.
Genius Hannibal Lecter fan recreates the famous 'Red Dragon' scene from three adaptations
The famous first meeting between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter has now been filmed in entirety.
The best of Wes Craven on Netflix
Some of the horror maestro's greatest films are waiting to scare you witless—and even warm your heart.
'Jaws' just got even scarier with this spooky murder mystery connection
Famed horror and fantasy writer Joe Hill has an idea about a famous unsolved murder.
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