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Aja Romano

ConTV is bringing geek convention culture to the Internet
The streaming network has steadily grown a following by bringing the atmosphere of a con to the Internet.
Mondo announces huge pop-culture poster sale for Black Friday
It's the first time the store is letting online buyers to participate in its coveted 'flat file' sale.
Fan builds giant animatronic wings for ridiculously awesome League of Legends cosplay
It's his first cosplay ever, so no sense going all out, right?
illustration of george r martin Read George R.R. Martin's moving take on the Syrian refugee crisis
He clearly wants wants this world to be more merciful than the one he created.
A rare scrap of New Testament papyrus might sell on eBay
A Bible scholar is trying to convince the seller to donate it to a museum.
patchwork of various avengers logos Fanartist illustrates Avengers fandom ship names with hilarious results
With names like 'stucky,' these were bound to be amazing.