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Aja Romano

photo of jk rowling J.K. Rowling just settled a Harry Potter bet between a student and her chemistry teacher
Victoria Green bet her chemistry teacher JKR wouldn't write a sequel—in 2011.
Zoe Quinn's ex-boyfriend denies her claim that her case against him is over
Quinn said she dropped her case, claiming that the justice system is 'meant to punish, not protect.'
Here's why incredible black cosplayers keep popping up in your feed
The Black cosplay community is having a great leap year.
Einstein was right! Gravity researchers make a massive scientific breakthrough
We can thank an implosion of two black holes for bringing us a huge breakthrough in science.
spiderman and  deadpool embracing each other Will the Spider-Man/Deadpool crossover comic be the love-fest fans want?
This unlikely team-up of Wade Wilson and Peter Parker has recently gotten a huge popularity boost.
kayden clarke youtube video Transgender community reacts to police shooting death of 24-year-old Kayden Clarke
Clarke claimed to be fed up with gender therapists who tried to 'fix' his autism instead of helping him transition.