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Aja Romano

With music video for 'Borders,' M.I.A. speaks out on refugee crisis
'Borders' is a powerful indictment of closed borders around the world.
You should have used a lightsaber to carve your turkey
Now *this* is an action holiday.
This new radio wave app visualizes the energy all around us
The world just got a lot more astonishing.
Do these Reese's peanut butter Christmas trees look like poop or what?
Tis the season to be blobby.
J.K. Rowling's thoughts on Snape cause Harry Potter fandom meltdown
This fight is more predictable than Snape's unrequited love for Lily.
This weekend's hottest Facebook event: Eating By Yourself at McDonald's
It's the perfect follow-up to a holiday full of overspending.