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Adam Schragin

undefined Burning Man 2.0: Funded online, forged in the fire
Now more than ever, crowdfunding efforts are changing the way Burning Man operates, making it possible to pull of grand-scale projects.
undefined 10 Kickstarter successes that are anything but
From questionable films to chopped-up mattresses, these crowdfunded projects look just shy of half-baked.
undefined In defense of Lisa Gail
This cougar from North Texas is more than just campy productions and warbling notes.
All sizes | Steak | Flickr - Photo Sharing! This directory of vegan "sellouts" is cruel, unnecessary, and full of lies
Ex-Vegans suggests if the videos on don’t “stir your conscience,” you should consider suicide. 
undefined Thousands flock to Austin to Stand With Texas Women
It was less of an unruly mob and more of a lively BBQ—with less meat and more signs and water bottles.
cat internet famous How to make your cat Internet famous
The secret to cat fame can be easily explained in one helpful acronym: Countenance, Attitude, and Talent, or C.A.T.