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Aaron Sankin

Should Chuck Todd trust Donald Trump's story about U.S. Muslims celebrating 9/11?
'You're running for president of the United States. Your words matter. Trurthfulness matters. Fact-based stuff matters.'
Shooter surrenders after killing 3, wounding 9 at Colorado Planned Parenthood
Police are still combing over the facility to investigate 'devices' that the suspect left behind.
Jakub F. says don't be a pirate Czech software pirate escapes massive fine by making his apology video go viral
The wheels of justice turn on #engagement.
Thanksgiving Dinner How to troll your way through Thanksgiving dinner
13 made-up facts to win all of your Thanksgiving arguments.
image of Corine Dehabey standing in front of a map of syria Fear and thanksgiving for the woman who settles Syrian refugees in the U.S.
'We lived what they experienced. We still live in it. For five years, every day. A million times a day.'
art of computer hacking Report details string of major cybersecurity breaches at federal agency
'The intruders could have gained full functional control over...[the department's] systems.'