Obama administration reveals civilian death tolls from drone strikes outside war zones
Human rights groups say the number is much higher than the government's assessment.
Amended 'bathroom bill' would make trans people prove sex-reassignment
It was likely an effort to keep the NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte—but it failed.
Street Fighter V breaks records at Evo 2016 with 5,000 entrants
Evo will also host the two largest Super Smash Bros. tournaments in history
The first death in an autonomous car happened in a Tesla S while on Autopilot
The tech and the driver both didn't notice the trailer.
What do the Orlando copycat threats really mean?
Is this a matter of guns, mimicry, or good old-fashioned hate?
Can you write someone's horoscope with their frequently used emoji?
'Show me your emoji and I'll show you who you are.'

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The world's cheapest smartphone will cost only $4
A new low-price smartphone for keeping rural Indian communities connected.
Skin betting lawsuit against Valve could be the first of many
Is Valve profiting from the illegal skin trade?
'Dear Brock Turner' photo series means well, but doesn't totally get it
Its execution could appear over-sexualized and whitewashed.
Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson hits Clinton and Trump with reasonableness
'If, after four years, you decide you don't like peace, prosperity, and freedom, you can always vote a Trump or a Hillary back into office again.'
EnVyUs, Virtus.pro smash their way to the final of ELEAGUE’s Group F
Neither compLexity nor Gambit secured a map against EnVyUs and Virtus.pro.
It's surprisingly easy to steal a TSA tray
And it makes for great home decor.
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