RedHack leaks reveal the rise of Turkey's pro-government Twitter trolls
There's a reason you won't read about this in Turkish media.
Michigan student will now be called 'His Majesty' in protest of inclusive pronouns
He believes identifying people how they want to be identified is arbitrary.
Trump once promised his daughter, 17, he wouldn't date anyone younger than her
At the age of 53, Trump swore off dating any 16-year-olds.
Researchers file for access to court orders that force companies to break their own encryption
It's unclear what kind of technical assistance the government is currently demanding.
This R2-D2 coffee press is worth waking up for
This is the coffee press you’ve been looking for.

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The State of VR: How the HTC Vive is winning the virtual reality war
The PlayStation VR is joining a very heated race.
TSM bounces back with Worlds win over Samsung Galaxy
TSM is one step closer to getting out of Group D.
Alicia Machado responds to Donald Trump's 3am tweetstorm
'These attacks are cheap lies with bad intentions.'
El Cajon police release cellphone footage of Alfred Olango shooting
Olango was just 38-years-old when he was fatally shot by police.
This 'real-life Pokémon' is the world's most trafficked animal
This 'artichoke with legs' was granted the highest level of protection by an international conservation body.